AgriLabs is exploring new markets and developing new products with its animal health suppliers, far from being a simple buying group, as it was founded in 1984.

AgriLabs represents the interests of the top manufacturers in the industry. Our vast distribution network allows animal health product providers to maintain and increase production volume while introducing and supporting products in new market territories.

AgriLabs continues to enter into joint ventures with major manufacturers. Our Technology Transfer Partnership is changing traditional product development. The program supports the transition from the primary research to placing the product in the producer’s hands. Advancing technology transfer is a significant part of the AgriLabs commitment to animal health.

In order to find success with our products you need access to them. AgriLabs has worked hard to establish the largest distributor network in the U.S. with more than 900 distrubutor representatives.

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AUGUST, 1984

Agri Laboratories, Ltd. established as a buying group with 25 distributor/members and a founding management team. Today, we have grown to have the largest distributor network in the U.S.


JUNE, 1992

AgriLabs obtained approval of the first marketed ANADA (Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application), Di-Methox® Soluble Powder under the Generic Animal Drug Law. Generic animal drugs have saved the industry milions of dollars over the past two decades. AgriLabs is one of the leading animal health generic drug companies in the U.S., with 12 ANADAs and more in various stages of research.



Under a unique manufacturer/distributor agreement, AgriLabs facilitates the market introduction and launch of Titanium® and Master Guard®, revolutionary new lines of MLV cattle vaccines*. These were the first vaccine lines with both Type 1 and Type 2 BVD protection. Today this product line is the standard by which all other 4/5-way viral products are measured.



AgriLabs launched the SRP® vaccine, Salmonella Newport Bacterial Extract, which uses totally new vaccine technology to provide unsurpassed immunity in beef and dairy cattle.



The Colostrx® brands, colostrum supplement and replacer, are added to the lineup of calf care management products for beef and dairy cattle.



AgriLabs acquired the exclusive sales, marketing and distribution rights for the PULMO-GUARD® cattle vaccines for broad Pasteurella coverage. PULMO-GUARD brand vaccines guard against respiratory disease caused by Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida.


MARCH, 2013

AgriLabs introduces the first recognized bioactive product in the marketplace. StressMate is a unique product developed from colostrum that provides a source of small proteins, commonly referred to as "bioactives," which help calves cope with stress.


APRIL, 2013

AgriLabs joined forces with Benchmark BioLabs to form VaxLiant, a new joint venture designed to modernize how vaccines deliver antigens to prevent disease. One of those adjuvants was used in the first conditional license Foot and Mouth (FMD) vaccine approved in the U.S.



After several years of test marketing and product development, AgriLabs and partner, SmartVet, launched a new category of horn fly control to cattle raisers, VetGun. The new system precisely delivers an insecticide, AiM-L VetCaps, through a CO2-powered device with the pull of a trigger. It eliminates extra handling or corralling and reduces unnecessary stress on the producer and the cattle.


JULY, 2014

AgriLabs has partnered with Epitopix® to launch the first Klebsiella mastitis vaccine with SRP® technology. This vaccine is currently available with an autogenous license and is an exciting new opportunity for the dairy industry to manage Klebsiella mastitis. SRP®, short for Siderophore Receptor and Porin proteins, is the technology in the vaccine. SRP vaccine induced antibodies bind and block transfer of iron and nutrients through bacteria cell wall pores, starving bacterial of needed nutrients.

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The heart and soul of AgriLabs is its outstanding distributor network. Simply put, AgriLabs is the largest (animal-health) distribution network in the United States. Our distributor shareholders own AgriLabs.

Our AgriLabs distribution network has 140 locations strategically placed throughout the United States to reach every type of customer in all species segments. Our products can be found in animal health locations throughout the U.S.